Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hiatus is over!

Alright I've neglected this page long enough. It's been a long holiday season. Mix in everyone in my family getting sick at least once but no more than three times in a row to rack up a nice long Christie Family record of 6 weeks of sick and now we start the process of coming back to a calmer reality. Work has never been busier and that's a good thing. Plus we have a new face in the Mixture garage that most of you have seen by now. I've got some great things in the works for this '71 Honda CL350. The ideas are flowing and the cutting wheels are spinning. There are some other projects lingering in the wings at the moment as well. I have pondered the idea of just finishing this cl off quickly and put it up on the chopping block to make room for some new things I hate to have to as I never seem to have a running bike for myself but I'd rather focus the attention on customer projects for the time being. That being said as it is not set in stone. I am offering it up for a commissioned build as well. I have a great game plan for the build in a ballpark budget and you can choose certain options like colors and seat materials shape etc. or we can knock everyone's socks off with a full custom build and custom tailor a budget within those parameters. It's up in the air so if you are looking for that special motorcycle dream lets make it come true. Contact me and we will talk details. This one wont last long so lets get the ball rolling. Also stay tuned for more adventures and upcoming fun things from your Pals at Mixture Motor Co. 

Here it sits as of now. We have many options from here. I have a set if Hagon rear shocks and some sweet clip ons in the mail as we speak. This baby has new tires a freshened up motor new sprockets, chain, cables, controls, lights you name it. I've been collecting some special parts to fulfill the vision in my head. Lets talk and I will tell you all about it. 

Lots of yellow packages for some reason. 
And thanks to the previous owners great visions and good judgment a new set of mikunis helps light this fire. This little motor sounds like a beast. Can't wait to get it out on the road for a test ride. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm a bit looney and the tales of the Deus build off

So i've officially entered the Deus Ex Machina boundless enthusiasm build off for 2013. It is oct 26th. Holy shit I have so much work to do on this sucker. But I'm determined to give it my best shot. This can't be done without great family and friends. It will literally take everything I have time wise to get it done and the bar is set high and the budget is about non existent ,  Which is the name of the game. If any of you are feeling ambitious  and wanna lend a hand or have suggestions for a place to stay in Venice I'm all ears. Wish me luck and follow along I will try to keep the updates coming when I have a free second or two to post. 
Finishing up the welding on the tail
preparing a rolled edge for the front area
Tore the bike down to start the detabbing and smoothing of the rear section of the frame
Weld, grind, file, sand and repeat. A lot!
getting there. Only 150 more repetitions to go

mocked it up and started fabbing the number plates and mounts, made and mounted a splash gaurd out of n old junk fender fits in nice and tight.
The original headlight ears mounted the light about 6 feet in front of the bike. Not quite what I picture for this little cutie. So a pair of handmade ears are in order. this brings the Bates style light right in where I want it.
and an old sealed beam takes the place of the previous H4 conversion light I tried out. the lens just didn't really toot my horn. This is more of what I had in mind. Sometimes it is the littlest details that make all of the difference in the finished product.
Alright Lets put this Custom shop to bed. Untill next time......

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Progress on the rd 200

After a great weekend enjoying a beautiful wedding for some great friends, waking up with my beautiful wife in the back of our car a.k.a. Hotel de la pathfinder (conveniently located in the parking lot of the Marriott near SFO.) we watched the sun rise over the San Francisco Bay as planes glided gracefully into the nearby tarmac. Enjoyed some coffee and tea followed by a great brunch with our friends and reminiscing of the previous nights dance floor shenanigans. (Coop's got the moves!)
       We then returned to the reality that it is Sunday and time to get ready for the upcoming week. Feeling like all play and no work I decided to tinker a bit with the RD and play with some of the new parts that have been showing up over the past few weeks. This thing is turning into a real cutie. Mounted and shortened the new bars popped on a bates style headlight that I loath due to the dorky ass lens that sticks out like 10 freakin inches. And finally whipped up a little bump for the rear of the seat after dinner. It's shaping up nicely and looking better than the vision I have in my head which is a good thing. Stay tuned, we have more goodies on the way and some more little tricks up my sleeve for the little munchkin. Enjoy your week. 
Stuff looks ugly during fabrication. 

Fits pretty good. Simple is the idea with this little dinger. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I don't do "hurt"

So here I sit. On a pad of ice with what feels like a civil war battle happening on opposite sides of my spine. As if the left and right side of my back have decided that they can no longer operate as one united entity any longer. The left side is kicking the right sides ass. More little nerve soldiers are dying a slow death on that side. I have a severe gangster lean to the right and I can't walk very well. 
     I haven't been to work since last Friday and I'm freaking out just sitting here helpless. I truly don't see how any individual can just sit around all day and waste time weather it be video games or social media or the regular couch potato. Seriously if you are an able body get out and enjoy this amazing world we live in. Go for a hike. Talk with your neighbors, explore something new, try a new coffee joint, travel a mile or two and lay in a park and stare at the clouds. Call a family member and go hangout. Play a game with your family, work on that neglected project or start a new hobby. Seriously go do something. I don't take life for granted and this is why. As I sit here virtually unable to do any of these mentioned activities and more I am thankful to an indescribable amount that on an average unhurt day I grab life by the scruff and hop on for a ride I won't soon forget. 
     On a very positive note. I have been able to see my kiddos after the first few days of school and spend some time watching them play. Also I have had a moment to catch up on some less exciting non physical type work as well as do a lot of research and inspire myself to try harder and push tue limits even further. 
     It is also now that I want to thank my family for the help and support I have had these past couple days. And to my 4 year old sweet little girl for helping daddy get his underwears on. Pphhhheeewww. 

And here is the straw that broke this camels back. From all the dumb stuff I do to my body building this stupid bench is what knocked 7 vertebrae out of wack. Oops. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New project. 72 yamaha CS3 aka RD 200

So this little baby showed up in my driveway last night at about 9:45. I wheeled it into the backyard and went to bed.
At around 8:00 tonight I sprayed it down and gave it a quick bath. 

Not bad. It's mostly there and in decent shape. The little 200cc two stroker is stuck and the kicker is broke  so I ordered a new shaft for it today for a few bucks. I will see if I can soak it and free it up. I pulled a few things off to get a visual and start thinking about a plan. 

This is a super cool little bike. I can just about hear the ring da ding ding tang tang ring. It reminds me a lot of my old yamaha R5. So now comes the time to figure it out. There are a few different scenarios to pick from. Make it run, clean it up, fab a cool little rear section for it and run it. Or part it out to fund the next cl450 build I have planned. Or lastly maybe one of you lucky viewers wants a super cool two stroke street terror. I can see this being done a few different styles. But for some reason I keep seeing a way cool street racer. Maybe a dunstall type fairing a nice tucked in stance. Shouldered aluminum wheels with some polished out hubs and spokes and a set of vintage chambers for that awesome two stroke buzz. Mild or wild I can make it happen. If any of you are interested send me a message and let's talk two stroke madness! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bikes on the bay

Well it was a successful day. I had a blast and met some great people, sold some merch. But most of all I learned a lot. An I'm looking forward to charging full speed and bringing awesome to anyone who wants it.
     I really want to thank my wife and family for supporting me in this. My Wife has giving me so much confidence and encouragement through all this. I am lucky to have such a great influence and Friend that i get to be married to.  It really would not have happened any other way.  Thanks to my Dad for helping out setting up and taking down and believing I can do this. Also my brother who has been helping get this going through his networking skills and positive comments. I have some great friends that showed up and supported me today as well thanks guys it means the world to me. Also a great thanks to all that I had the  pleasure of meeting and talking to at this event as well as anyone who supported by buying hats and shirts and showing up to say hi. And a last but very not least Huge thanks to Daniel Abraham for the Kick Ass logo design. He took a simple sketch and made this amazing design you all get to enjoy. Guy is a genius and i highly recommend him for any design work you could think of
     I have so much more to share with this world. This is the very beginning of my attempt at bringing the Change i want to see in the world. And truthfully the reaction I got today was the best reassurance that I am on the right path. There are no rules and i don't plan to follow any.
    As I was unloading this morning I could see people drop what they were doing trying to figure out why this crazy kid has all these surf boards at a motorcycle show??? Puzzled looks all day and the deep thinking faces as they pass by then do a double take and come back two or three times to see if what they think they saw was real. I'm not doing anything original here, just delivering my own version of "cool"
    Whats next? Finish Noels bike in the upcoming months and I have another CL450 that is headed my way for a quick go through and restyle. a couple other projects are in the planning stages and there are ideas flowing like crazy. also finding another show to attend. keep a look out. Mixture Motor Co. is on the move.